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Overly Representational Homemade Christmas Gifts part 3 - The Sculpting

This year for my gaming group I made custom minis of everyone’s call of cthulhu characters. I made the models in sculptris, imported them into blender for these renders, and then sent properly converted and sized versions of the models to Shapeways for printing. Then I took some of the renders and printed them out to make little origami boxes to give them in. 

Over the last couple months I’ve been doing sketches of each character and getting feedback, to try to get as specific of an idea of what they look like as I could. It was a really fun project, but this is the first 3D modeling I’ve done of any kind, so every step took easily 3 times longer than it has any right to- and I messed up a lot along the way, but they seemed really pleased with the whole thing so it was totally worthwhile.

In retrospect I feel a little sad to be so proud of this, but here we are.

Overly Representational Homemade Christmas Gifts part 2 - The Building

In a nearby state park there are some really awesome forts someone built from downed wood just off the bigger trails. They overlook the lake and it’s just a wonderful place to go. My friend really loves visiting them, but she hasn’t been around very much lately, so I built her a version of one that’s all her own. It’s no replacement for the originals, but I hope it’ll be a nice reminder of them.

My original intent was to grade the pages of the book it’s built upon (a 50’s version of Bartlett’s Quotations) to match the slope of the bluff the original fort sits on, but I don’t think the effect turned out as dramatic as I had hoped, though I’m otherwise happy with the result.

Photos of the original for comparison kindly provided by edenunderfallout

TCGS characters as X-Men


Every fan of The Chris Gethard Show must listen to Griffin Newman and Riley Soloner’s amazing new podcast about the show (everyone else, do not listen). At one point Griff and Geth start comparing characters to X-Men and did, I thought, a stupendous job. I HAVE MORE IDEAS. I’m gonna put a read more break here because holy shit is this inside baseball.

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I tried and I tried to draw a good mashemup and apparently all it takes to go from Human Fish to Wolverine is claws and a belt buckle.


I think this is the first oil painting I ever made, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never been happy with it until today. That’s got to be a sign of… something, right?

Overly Representational Homemade Christmas Gifts part 1- The Sweetening

This is a gingerbread house (sorta) made from windmill cookies, peanut butter flavored wafers, and graham crackers I made for my mom, whose house it’s supposed to resemble.

Jury’s still out on how close I got.

The first painting I ever remember making is still up in my hometown park, all these years later. When I saw it again after so long, I couldn’t help but think “Yeah, this kid’s going somewhere.”
Remember the Phoenix Five designs? Did you think they were silly? Me too. Here’s some more, for reasons!

The Procrastinating Douchebag Artist, part 2 of 3.

The Procrastinating Douchebag Artist, part 1 of 3.

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So uhm, yeah. I’ve finally bit the bullet and made a webcomic. Like anything new I have no idea how far it’ll go, or what it’ll end up turning into, but for now I hope it’ll be a place to tell longer, unrelated stories that seem like fun to tell (and hopefully to read).
I’m bad at names so it’s called “wishes for horses”. You can check it out at  wishesforhorses.interruptedreality.com and I hope you do.  I’ll also be mirroring posts to http://wishesforhorses.tumblr.com/ if that’s easier to follow.
The first story is about some douchebag or whatever.
Does this mean I’m one of the cool kids now?

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